"Mike Marsteller is a person that every student should be hearing."  

- Michelle Minotti, Principal, Springhouse Middle School

"I loved it. We were really anxious to get him here at EHS to speak to the students and I'm extremely impressed. Can't wait to have him back!"

- Sally Hanzlik, Assistant Principal, Emmaus High School

"Mike has a real knack for connecting with high school students!" 

- Chris Schiffert, Principal, Whitehall High School

"He comes across very genuine and gives the kids practical skills that they can use as they move forward in life." - Todd Gombos, Principal, Orefield Middle School

"Your presence today completely changed my life."

- Sabrina Barhoum, Student, Whitehall High School


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9 Ways Mike's Message Can Impact Students:

  • Hope for students who are lacking
  • Energy for students who are burnt out
  • A call to action that leads to change and results
  • Tools to turn obstacles into opportunity
  • Renewed sense of direction
  • Greater self confidence and awareness
  • Meaningful connection with goals and people
  • Ideas that provoke thought
  • An opportunity to laugh

Who Is Mike?

Mike Marsteller is a best-selling author, teen mentor, motivational speaker and social entrepreneur. In 2009, he founded the HCM Foundation, a non-profit organization that provides opportunities and financial support for families who are significantly impacted by cancer. His greatest motivation for life comes from building connections that inspire the people and communities around him. He is also an avid runner, cyclist and Ironman triathlete.

Mike has a compelling story and a unique ability to convey his message so that it genuinely connects and reaches young people in a way most can't and inspires them to do what most don't.