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About Mike

Mike Marsteller has been speaking at school assemblies and student leadership conferences for the past five years. His message has empowered teens throughout the U.S. to recognize their potential and take steps to thrive.

Mike is known for using his compelling story to teach students how to turn their obstacles into opportunities. He believes every student has the power to take charge of their success and use empathy to lift others up in the process.

His authentic speaking style and laugh out loud humor keeps your audience engaged and sets the tone for life-changing takeaways.

Mike is a leader in the community and the founder of a non-profit organization, HCM Foundation, that helps cancer patients and their families pay household bills while undergoing treatment.

He is a graduate of Slippery Rock University and is an avid runner, cyclist, and four-time Ironman triathlete.


“Every student should hear Mike’s message about resilience and kindness.”
Todd Gombos, Principal, Orefield Middle School

“Mike will bring value to your students and leave a lasting impression that helps prepare them for what’s next.”
Chris Schiffert, Assistant Superintendent, Whitehall School District

“He knew exactly what stories would catch their attention, the topics they are interested in and how to deliver the life-changing advice they need and want.”
Rusty Amato, Assistant Principal, Nazareth High School

“Mike’s ability to quickly connect with our students and control a large audience left a lasting impression. It was refreshing to see so many students accept Mike’s message and learn from it.”
Joe Carracappa, Principal, Upper Moreland High School

Letters of Recommendation

Orefield Middle School
Southern Regional Middle School
Whitehall High School
Nazareth Area High School
Upper Moreland High School

Speaking Programs


Audience: High School Students
Format: School Assembly & Student Leadership Events

This program will give your students a fresh perspective and equip them with tools they need to be successful in school and life. Mike teaches students how to:

  • Find positive meaning in life despite difficult events
  • Take ownership of the choices they make
  • Set high goals and achieve them
  • Maintain healthier friendships

Mike takes these topics and uses the word S.T.R.I.V.E. to break it down into categories students can relate to and put into their own perspective:

  • Stay curious to your passions
  • Turn obstacles into growth opportunities
  • Recognize your strengths
  • Inspire others with empathy
  • Value people and experiences
  • Emerge stronger from fear, failure, and criticism

This program will get your students to think, take action, and get results.

Cool To Be K.I.N.D.

Audience: Middle School Students
Format: School Assembly

In a unique approach to bullying, "Cool To Be K.I.N.D." has the ability to change the culture in your school and the way your students can impact the community. Through sincere and authentic conversation, Mike teaches students how to:

  • Build self confidence
  • Disarm a face-to-face or online bully
  • Use empathy to help others
  • Create an inner circle of friends

Mike takes these four topics and uses the word K.I.N.D. to break it down into four easy categories that students can relate to and put into their own perspective:

  • Know yourself first
  • Inspire those who hate
  • Navigate with empathy
  • Develop meaningful friendships

Each category has at least one challenge or action step that students can implement immediately. This program is results oriented and guaranteed to make a difference in your school.

*Guaranteed to motivate, entertain and empower your student audience.

What People Say

  • If you are looking to plan an assembly program or bring in a speaker, I highly recommend Mike as your top choice. He will bring value to your students and leave a lasting impression that helps prepare them for
    what's next.

    Chris Schiffert Assistant Superintendent, Whitehall School District

  • Every student should hear Mike's message about resilience and kindness.

    Todd Gombos Principal, Parkland School District

  • Mike's message is incredibly relevant to what students go through on a daily basis. He is the speaker you
    need to emotionally connect with your students and genuinely get through to them.

    Megan Wilson Advisor, Missouri FCCLA

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